10 Scandals That Could Destroy Donald Trump’s Presidential Campaign

10. The 1970’s Discrimination Lawsuit

As Trump continues to surge in the polls, making his Republican nomination victory seem more and more likely, Democrats are looking for any dirt they can find on the billionaire. One such scandal revolves around Trump’s 1970 discrimination lawsuit where the Justice Department sued Trump for refusing to rent his rental units to minorities. Currently, no one has run with the story but it’s beginning to gain some slight traction. Honestly, with all of the questionable comments, this past lawsuit isn’t even surprising.

9. Trump vs Univision

Trump has made one thing very clear throughout his presidential run–he has no tolerance for illegal immigrants and has no respect for the Latino community. At one of his events, he was interrupted several times by news anchor Jorge Ramos who was trying to question him, but Trump felt he was out of turn. Trump finally said, “Sit down. You weren’t called. Go back to Univision.” Ramos was eventually removed from the event, however called out Trump for once again showing a complete lack of respect for immigrants living in the country.

8. The Great Wall of Mexico

Trump shocked and appalled Americans across the nation when he revealed his plan for immigration was to have a wall built across the Mexican border. And even worse, he would have the Mexico build it. This, of course, sparked outrage among citizens and politicians alike, however it only resulted in a surge for Trump in the polls. It remains to be seen if these comments will end up affecting his chances for the Republican nomination, but since he continues to make off-color statements we would say, most likely, yes.

7. Trump vs. Obama

One way to really ensure you won’t be stepping foot into the White House is by not supporting the current occupant. At one of his campaign stops back on September 16, 2015, one of Trump’s supporters claimed President Obama was not a Christian and Trump did not correct him. This created a backlash among many of the candidates, especially Hillary Clinton who is running on the Democratic side. While the comment has since been clarified as Trump thinking he was referring to “extremists” it didn’t do him any favors when it comes to wooing the left for support.

6. War Against Women

Trump has continued to distance himself from female voters with his comments against women throughout debates and on the campaign trail. He recently criticized Carly Fiorina’s appearance in the media as well as panned Megyn Kelly for her treatment of him during the Fox News Republican debate. While Trump has continued to clarify his comments as well as say he has a lot of respect for women, his actions continue to say otherwise.

5. Senator McCain Scandal

In one of his lowest blows yet, Trump went after Senator McCain, a known war hero, who was imprisoned during the Vietnam War. While appearing at the Family Leadership Summit, Trump said: “He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” The comments shocked many political circles because McCain spent over five and a half years tortured in a Vietnam prison camp known as the Hanoi Hilton.

4. NBC/Universal Fallout

When it comes to running for President, you really need the media on your side and Trump certainly is making one mistake after the other. Since he launched his campaign, Trump has had a major falling out with NBC/Universal due to his comments on immigrants from Latin America and the government. Not only was he dropped from the Miss USA Pageant but he lost his spot as host of The Apprentice. Many are wondering if Trump can sustain, especially as more media outlets refuse to provide coverage for the presidential hopeful.

3. Trump University Debacle

One scandal that is coming back to haunt Donald Trump is his mishandling and misguided marketing of Trump University. Designed to help students learn better real estate practices, students soon realized after their first workshops that the only thing Trump cared about was charging them more money. In fact, a lawsuit by former students has been filed where they’ve claimed they lost millions with nothing to show for it.

2. Failed Marriages

It goes without saying that Trump is a fan of the trophy wife. Not only is he on wife number four, but she is significantly younger than him. And one has to question if having such a First Lady would project the image the United States is going for. Many have commented in the media over the years that Trump doesn’t have the traditional marriage. One has to wonder if this is how the United States should be portraying its core values.

1. Declared Bankruptcy Four Times

Over the course of his business career, Donald Trump has filed for bankruptcy four times. One definitely has to call into question whether or not Trump has the ability to manage the nation’s finances if he can’t even handle his own. Trump hasn’t really offered any solid plans for when it comes to how he would deal with our nation’s debt crisis or the economy in general, so there’s much to be desired on if he could handle the financial pressure. Some experts even predict that Trump’s election could have serious catastrophic consequences on the global economy and how every family lives. This video explains how Trump might have accidentally slipped the truth.