BTS Member Height: Profiles, Birthdays and Other Fun Facts

BTS is a group that needs no introduction. They’re one of the biggest names in the music industry, and their success isn’t limited to the kpop genre. They’ve achieved things on an unprecedented scale!

For example, did you know that BTS has the best-selling album of all time in South Korea? Did you know that they hold the record for the highest 24-hour views in YouTube history?

They’ve also achieved many “firsts,” including:

  • First Korean group to get #1 on the Billboard 200
  • First group since the Beatles to score three #1 albums in a single year
  • First Asian artists to speak at the UN
  • First Korean artists to sell out Wembley Stadium
  • First Korean artists to present an award at the Grammys

Long story short, BTS is on fire right now, and they show no signs of slowing down. Their crazily successful careers are just beginning!

Maybe you’re a new fan of the group. Maybe you’re an old timer, but you always love learning new trivia about them.

Either way, here are just a few fun facts about BTS, including heights, birthdays, homeplaces and more!

1. BTS RM (Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon) Height: 181 cm

Kim Namjoon was born on September 12, 1994 in the city of Ilsan. He’s the leader of BTS, so you’ve probably seen him directing the other members during press events and acting as their spokesperson for group interviews.

He speaks fluent English, and rumor has it that he possesses a genius-level IQ of 140.

You might know RM by his former stage name “Rap Monster.” He’s one of the three rappers of BTS, so he thought it was fitting. He officially changed it a few years ago when he decided that Rap Monster no longer reflected him as an artist.

As for his height, here are the stats:

Height in centimeters: 181 cm
Height in inches: 5’11”

The tallest in the band, RM stands around 181 centimeters tall. He’s well-known for his long, lanky frame, and there are many funny pictures where you can see him hunching over to fit into group selfies with the shorter members of BTS.

However, some people question if RM is actually taller than his official stats. For example, there are pre-debut profiles that list him as 184 centimeters. He also seems to be the same height as TXT’s Soobin, who is officially listed as 185 centimeters.

Either way, RM is clearly a giant among kpop idols. Just look at those long legs!

2. BTS Jin (Kim Seokjin) Height: 179 cm

Jin was born on December 4, 1992 in Gwacheon. As the oldest member of the band, you might expect him to be an old fuddy-duddy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. He’s actually one of the silliest and hammiest members of the group!

He throws out hand kisses to everyone. He makes terrible “dad jokes” so that everyone will groan. He playfully fights with the youngest members like he’s the biggest kid among them.

However, there’s another side to Jin. As the matnae, or eldest member, he could make things uncomfortable for the rest of BTS if he were overly formal or stuck on hierarchy. The members have repeatedly said that they’re grateful to Jin for being casual with them and allowing the group to have a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

Let’s have a look at Jin’s stats:

Height in centimeters: 179 cm
Height in inches: 5’10”

With these numbers, Jin is the second-tallest member of BTS. He’s also known for having the broadest shoulders. He likes to joke that his shoulders are his strength, and his fans don’t disagree!

Aren’t they humongous?! They look Photoshopped, but they aren’t. The members have actually measured Jin’s shoulders on camera, and their dimensions are real. Jin is just a tall, handsome and broad-shouldered guy, so he’ll be a great catch for some lucky lady in the future.

3. BTS V (Kim Taehyung) Height: 179 cm

Known for his deep, soulful voice, V is one of the most recognizable members of BTS. Not only does he have stunning visuals, but he’s a multi-talented person who’s involved in a little of everything when it comes to the group’s output. He can sing, dance, design, produce and more.

V didn’t plan on a career as a musician. He grew up on a strawberry farm, and he only went to a BigHit audition to support a friend. To his surprise, the talent scouts liked him, and they encouraged him to apply as a trainee.

He’s been wrecking souls ever since!

V’s stats are as follows:

Height in centimeters: 179 cm
Height in inches: 5’10”

At 179 cm, he’s the same height as Jin, and he’s tied for the second-tallest member of the band. He just doesn’t always look like one of the biggest since he has a tall, lean frame and a fondness for bohemian fashion.

His height is most noticeable when he’s sitting or standing next to one of the shorter members like Jimin.

Fun fact: V is a very creative soul with hobbies like art, fashion, music and photography. Not only does he recommend everything from poets to painters on social media, but he’s even dabbled in creating his own!

V was born on December 30, 1995 in Daegu. This is the same hometown as bandmate Suga. They’ve even joked about their “Daegu accents” before.

4. BTS Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook) Height: 178 cm

As the baby of the group, Jungkook’s stats are a bit hard to pin down. We’ve literally watched him grow up from a tiny 13-year-old to a muscular 22-year-old, and he’s filled out many “height and weight” profiles over the years, so there are lots of numbers floating around out there. Most of them are outdated.

Another thing to note about Jungkook is that he loves to work out. He’s affectionately called a “muscle pig” by the other members of the group, and his hobbies include boxing, swimming and weight lifting. This can make it hard to gauge his proportions since he has so many strong features.

It can also be hard to look at his height when you’re distracted by his abs.

Though there’s some debate about Jungkook’s height, the generally accepted numbers look like this:

Height in centimeters: 178 cm
Height in inches: 5’10”

He’s only a bit smaller than V and Jin. Some people think that he might even be taller than them. He’s definitely shorter than RM and taller than Jimin and Suga. J-Hope is close to his height.

It might even be possible that Jungkook is still growing. He was born on born September 1, 1997 in Busan, and it isn’t unheard of for people in their 20s to have a few final growth spurts before they’re done. One day, Jungkook might be the tallest of them all!

5. BTS J-Hope (Jung Hoseok) Height: 177 cm

J-Hope is a guy who lives up to his name. With his bright personality and heart-shaped smile, he brings hope and happiness to everyone that he meets. He’s one of the “mood makers” of the group, keeping the atmosphere lively and always making sure that everyone is having a good time.

J-Hope is so cheerful that he’s even been nicknamed things like “the sun.”

Another nickname is “Hobi,” a play on how the word “Hope” is spelled in Korean. It’s an adorable name for an adorable person!

You might not expect a sunny person like J-Hope to spit fire in his lyrics, but that’s exactly what he does. He’s one of the three rappers of the group, and he has a bright, funky aesthetic that he brings to everything from his mixtapes to his fashion choices.

He’s also renowned as a dancer, getting his start in street dance crews before ultimately becoming a trainee and joining BTS.

As for his stats, here’s the rundown on J-Hope:

Height in centimeters: 177 cm
Height in inches: 5’9″

He’s right in the middle of the group in terms of height. Due to his larger-than-life personality, however, he can seem a lot bigger and brighter!

Thanks to J-Hope’s mom for giving birth to him on February 18, 1994 in Gwangju!

6. BTS Suga (Min Yoongi) Height: 176 cm

Suga is the last member of the rap trio. He was born on March 9, 1993 in Daegu, and he got his start as an underground rapper and producer before joining BTS. He’s heavily involved in the behind-the-scenes music production of the group.

Suga has also released many collaborations with other artists. He’s even won awards as a producer, earning himself nicknames like “hitmaker” and “god-level producer.”

There’s a lot of power packed into Yoongi’s frame, which is one of the reasons why it can be surprising to learn his stats!

Height in centimeters: 176 cm
Height in inches: 5’9″

That’s right: Suga is one of the shortest members of the group. The tallest, RM, absolutely towers over him.

RM has to bend his entire body to rest his head on Suga’s shoulder!

Yoongi might even be the shortest member of BTS. It’s a baton that he passes back and forth with Jimin, who shares his height, and there have been many debates in the fan community about which one is truly taller.

Before you make your own judgements, remember that many idols wear insoles and shoe lifts during red carpet events. There can also be differences in their perceived heights depending on their postures or shadows. Even the angle of the camera can play tricks on you!

How tall are you, Suga?! The world wants to know!

7. BTS Jimin (Park Jimin) Height: 173.5 cm

Known for his duality, Jimin can be the cutest angel or the deadliest demon when it comes to his charisma.

He was born on October 13, 1995 in Busan, the same hometown as Jungkook. He studied many subjects in school, including kendo, but his true passion was dance. He had a particular interest in contemporary dance that he carried over to his career with BTS.

Today, Jimin is part of the “dance line” of the band, and he frequently stuns his fans with his amazing form.

Here are Jimin’s stats:

Height in centimeters: 173.5 cm
Height in inches: 5’9″

The fun thing about Jimin is that we know exactly how tall he is: 173.5 cm. He’s mentioned it repeatedly during live streams and other events. That boy knows his measurements.

The debate, as previously mentioned, is whether Jimin is taller or shorter than Yoongi. They’re remarkably close in height, and depending on who’s slouching, stretching or wearing insoles in any given photo, there’s “evidence” for both of them being bigger than the other.

Jimin likes to insist that he’s taller, of course. He pouts when the other members tease him for being short.

Only one thing is for sure: He’s a beautiful person no matter how tall he is!

BTS Member Heights: A Comparison

These are the heights of everyone in BTS. Did the numbers shock you? Did you expect them to be taller, or have you read online that they’re shorter?

Here’s a “family portrait” that was recently released by BigHit. It lines up the members of BTS and TXT as well as their independent artist Lee Hyun.

Here’s a cut of the BTS members specifically. As you can see, the proportions aren’t perfect. They’re wearing different shoes and boots that might affect their heights, and there’s no way of knowing whether they actually took this photo together or if independent shots were edited together after the fact.

So how tall are the members of BTS? It can be hard to determine fact from fiction when there are so many rumors swirling the web, but these estimates are as accurate and up-to-date as possible. We hope that you enjoyed them!