It’s Genetic: Meet The BTS Siblings

Since their inception in 2013, BTS has rapidly become the most popular band on the planet and changed the face of music worldwide. Through their use of hyper-synchronized dance moves, amazing vocals, and chic styles, BTS has managed to bring K-pop to an international stage all while breaking streaming records left and right.

The band is comprised of Jim, Suga, J-Hope, RM, V, Jimin, Jung Kook, and of course, their adoring fans who have dubbed themselves the “army”. Their successes included 244 music awards worldwide, over 2 billion social media mentions, and a proclaimed 48 million fans. In total, BTS has 30.3 million followers on their Youtube page, 26.2 million followers on their Twitter account, and 25.8 million followers on their Instagram account. That’s a lot of fans!

Not to mention, their music was streamed over 3 billion times on Spotify in 2019 alone. And, they generated 6.07 billion plays on Youtube that same year, with an average of 12-15 million plays per day.

You might be wondering, what does BTS have that makes them so successful? While there is no easy answer to this question, there are a few key points that have helped skyrocket BTS into fame. For example, it’s often pointed out that the members of BTS are both authentic and genuine in the way they interact with fans and each other. They laugh, they cry, they exhibit a wide range of emotions that, generally, we’re not used to seeing in celebrities. Social media has also played a large role in BTS’ enhanced fame, as the boys are very easily able to share their talents, and good looks, with their fans through Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and even TikTok.

Coming from a small, albeit broke, entertainment company in Korea, it’s incredibly impressive that BTS has been able to achieve the amount of fame and popularity that they have. According to the Hyundai Research Institute, BTS brings in about $3.6 billion to the South Korean economy. BTS is also credited with increasing the country’s annual tourists by over 70%, roughly 800,000 visitors per year. Over the next decade, it’s estimated that BTS will bring in $37 billion to their home economy.

Besides this, the members of BTS are also incredibly talented, and they produce great content. They spend countless hours in rehearsals to make their moves sharp, singing and recording, and, of course, hanging out with one another as best friends do. Not to mention, all of the boys are hot, hot, hot, if I do say so myself, which has only added to the astounding success and popularity of BTS.

Through all this success, the boys’ families have been behind them. Between parents, siblings, and extended family members, BTS has an awesome support system. But how well do you know BTS siblings?

BTS J Hope’s Sibling: Jung Dawson

J Hope’s sister’s name is Jung Dawson, and she is four years older than her younger brother, although the two could be mistaken for twins given her ethereal, youthful beauty! Dawson actually has her own clothing line, MEJIWOO, and often models the clothes as well, which she promotes on her Instagram.

These two siblings are very close, and J-Hope can often be seen wearing his sister’s clothes. What an awesome, supportive brother!

BTS Jin’s Brother: Kim Seok Jung

Jin’s older brother, Kim Seok Jung, is a bit of a mystery, preferring to stay out of the spotlight. That being said, he is very supportive of Jin and BTS’ success. What little is known about Jin’s brother is that he has a girlfriend, and the two of them attended The Wings Tour together as VIP guests.

BTS Suga’s Brother: Min Geumjae (Min Junki)

Suga’s older brother Min Geumjae, also known as Min Junki, also attended The Wings Tour, and took photos with the whole gang!

For a while, Min Geumjae stayed away from his brother’s fame, but recently, he’s begun rising in popularity on Instagram. He likes to spend time with adorable family dog Min Holly, and brother Suga.

It’s also rumored that Min Geumjae was featured on the Agust D track “SKIT”, but this has not been confirmed.

BTS RM’s Sibling: Kim Kyung Min

RM’s little sister is named Kim Kyung Min, and although she has stayed away from her brother’s spotlight, there are a few pictures of her with her brother online! Mostly, RM’s sister likes to live a simple life, away from her brother’s fame, and I think that’s something we can all respect.

V’s Siblings: Kim Jong Gyu and Kim Eun Jin

V has two siblings, Kim Jong Gyu and Kim Eun Jin. While there are no online photos of V’s siblings, you can imagine they are just as beautiful as V himself.

V loves his family and says that whenever he’s away from home he misses them a lot. On a live broadcast, he once got emotional and teared up when talking about missing his brother.

Jimin’s Brother: Park Jihyun

Jimin’s brother, Jihyun, is younger than Jimin by about a year. As per the opinions of several fans, Jihyun looks like a “pre-debut Jungkook”. This is interesting, as Jimin often treats Jungkook like a little brother, too.

Jungkook’s Brother: Jeon Junghyun

Jungkook’s brother Junghyun was actually mistaken for another pop star, Sungjin from Day6, for many years. Although the two do look similar, Junghyun isn’t a fan of pictures but is an avid drawer and artist. Although deactivated, his account was full of digital drawings, as well as a few photos from a Jeon family activity.

And there you have it; those are the siblings of BTS! Did you know about all of them, or were there any surprising brothers or sisters that caught you by surprise? Personally, I think all the BTS siblings could have their own show, something like Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Between the good looks and obvious genetic talent, I’m sure it would be a masterpiece!