20 Celebrities Without Makeup, Are They Still Gorgeous? Don’t Be Shocked!

20. Goldie Hawn

We had no idea Goldie was going to be the Grinch for Halloween! Sadly, she is three weeks too early and this is just her natural face. Looks like someone needs a brown bag when they are out for their run. This is just plain scary. Goldie hasn’t appeared in a movie since 2005. Obviously, the last decade hasn’t been too kind.

19. Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock proves that she is a stunning beauty with or without makeup and all we can say is WOW. The 51-year old actress recently adopted her second child and can next be seen in the comedy Our Brand in Crisis. Known for her roles in The Net, Miss Congeniality and Gravity, Sandra continues to be crowned ‘America’s Sweetheart’ with her down to earth personality and charisma. It’s no wonder she looks amazing without makeup. She is beautiful inside and out.

18. Drew Barrymore

Yikes, is Drew Barrymore heading into rehab again? This just goes to show that in Hollywood you need to be prepared for anything which means…wear some makeup Drew. We understand that you just wanted to head out for a relaxing stroll…maybe to the gym or your drug dealer, but lets be honest: No one wants to see you looking like you just crawled into the sun from a three day bender. So next time, carry some Mary Kay, alright?

17. Megan Fox

Megan Fox is one of those Hollywood rarities where she could look good wearing only a potato sack. You would never guess the Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles star has had two children already. She doesn’t look a day over 18! While she recently split from husband Brian Austin Green, she is keeping things amicable for the sake of her two sons and it seems the drama of her life is not having an effect on her appearance whatsoever.

16. Jennifer Lopez

Yikes! Someone grab a makeup brush and some liquid foundation! Jenny from the block is in a state of crisis! We guess you can’t expect her to look on point every moment of the day, but the American Idol judge is seriously channeling some Walking Dead realness in this picture. Remember, Jen, the cameras on phones are super high-definition now, close-ups do NOT do any favors.

15. Anne Hathaway

Tsk. Tsk. Anne. You only have yourself to blame for not wearing any makeup. There’s nothing a facial won’t fix though. And, of course, a makeup artist. Seriously, if you want to go out in public would it hurt you to wear a little lipstick?

14. Sharon Stone

We had no idea the Crypt Keeper loved french fries as much as we do! Oh wait, that’s Sharon Stone. It seems she’s had it rough since her Basic Instinct days and her beauty dropped off since 1992. While we understand her career has dwindled since she made that god awful appearance in Catwoman, that doesn’t excuse not utilizing a decent foundation. Sorry Sharon, you don’t get any passes.

13. Rihanna

Rihanna says “don’t be photographing me without my face on!” And we’d have to say, yes please don’t! We are so used to seeing Rihanna put together, so this no-makeup version of Rihanna comes as quite the shock. However, we guess we should cut her some slack since the Umbrella singer seems to release a new album every year. She may be just too tired to lift a foundation sponge to her face.

12. Britney Spears

“If I stopped wearing makeup somehow…would you hold it against me?” Yes, Britney. We will hold it against you and while we’re at it that top is not working for you. Overall, there is a whole lot of “NO” going on with this entire photo. When you’re a pop princess, there are certain standards to be met, one of them is definitely wearing makeup. Come on, Brit Brit you are better than this!

11. Gwen Stefani

There is not a single bad shot of this woman. Believe us, we looked. Even without her signature heavy lipstick and eyeliner, the No Doubt singer is stunning. Natural definitely works for her and we can’t believe that even on a simple shopping day she looks like she is about to walk right onto the read carpet. Currently, Stefani is one of the new judges for NBC’s The Voice.

10. Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley just can’t seem to catch a break. From gaining weight to losing weight to gaining it all back again, the poor woman must be exhausted. And when she’s not being a spokesperson for the next big weight loss fad, she is having her picture taken without makeup. We would love to say she doesn’t need it, but the Cheers star needs to hire a makeup artist, stat!

9. Janet Jackson

Someone definitely caught Janet Jackson on a bad day because she usually is looking flawless no matter what. The R&B singer recently released a new single and has a world tour beginning later in the year, so one would assume she would at least try to be on point. However, it seems she is letting her face go all natural. We say use some foundation Janet.

8. Pink

Yikes. Pink is looking a little worse for wear these days. While we understand she is taking some time off from music, that doesn’t mean you have to let yourself fall apart. Seriously, Pink can you put on some mascara? We guess we could cut her some slack for being a mom, but we know plenty of full-time mothers who keep a pretty face. Pink, this a “do not collect $200 or pass go” moment.

7. Hilary Duff

It seems like Lizzie Maguire is having a rough day…or year is more like it. We knew Hilary Duff’s career was on a downward spiral but didn’t think she had let it ALL go over the course of the past decade. All we can say is get some foundation. You are looking a little too pasty to be running around without some contouring and we say that with love, not hate.

6. Candace Cameron

Candace Cameron still looks like she walked off the set of Full House in 1995 and even without makeup she’s gorgeous. There’s not much you can complain about right there and her career continues to flourish even at 37. She has her new show Fuller House premiering on Netflix in January 2016 and she is a permanent co-host on The View. We say keep rocking it, girl!

5. Demi Moore

Who’s the crazy granny? Oh, wait–it’s Demi Moore. We are beginning to realize why her career has gone nowhere since 1996. When it comes to Hollywood you have to age well and if you don’t age well you cover it up with makeup (or plastic surgery). It seems Miss Moore is in need of both.

4. Julie Roberts

Is this a scene from Little House on the Prairie? Nope, it’s just Julia Roberts without makeup. Though we sure couldn’t tell the difference. It’s amazing what a little foundation and blush can do to hide the lines and cracked skin. Poor Julia, while she has aged better than most actresses her age we don’t think she can count on being cast in a sequel to Pretty Woman.

3. Julianne Moore

Why so sad Julianne? Did you forget your Cover Girl today? We always love us some Julianne Moore but this is just too much for us to bear. The Academy Award winning actress definitely looks like she woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and is not too happy about be photographed. You can only blame yourself Julianne, always have to be prepared for ANY occasion.

2. Tina Fey

Tina Fey without makeup is slightly scary. You can see every blemish and every needle prick from her obvious Botox job. Who knew a forehead could be that shiny and smooth? We recommend some powder to reduce the shine and a cover stick to get rid of the dark circles around your eyes. It’s okay to party Ms. Fey, but the whole world doesn’t need to know about it.

1. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart has been criticized for her acting skills on more than one occasion, I mean let’s face it her performance in Twilight was pretty awful. So it only seems fair we continue the critique and go on the record to say the girl needs to wear some makeup. Kristen, no one wants to know how hard you’ve been partying and based on those bags under your eyes, we think it’s been pretty hard. Lay off the Red Bull!