Smart Appliances for Your Kitchen

Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular. Most people are considering to switch from a traditional home to a smart home because of the numerous benefits such as convenience, good resale value, and automation. 

There are several stores and online sites where you can browse smart appliances such as First Energy Electric. You can get smart appliances for your room, lounge, or even your kitchen.

 Your kitchen is a very essential part of your house. Most of your time is spent in the kitchen cooking, cleaning, and organizing it, which are sort of monotonous and repetitive tasks. A smart home solves this issue by completing monotonous tasks that usually require human effort, so you can spend the rest of the time with your friends, family, and in other productive tasks. 

Here are a few smart appliances that you may want to keep in your kitchen:

Automatic Pan Stirrer

Stirring can be a tiresome job. It can become monotonous and time consuming. An automatic stirrer can be an amazing smart appliance for your kitchen, especially if you are working mom or a new mom who is required to be particularly attentive with her newborn at all times instead of dividing her attention among house chores. The stirrer also comes with a timer, so you can adjust the time it needs for stirring and it could then turn off by itself. You could place a stirrer over your pan and let the food simmer or broil while you complete your daily chores or work.

Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser

The current pandemic call for extra hygiene measures such as frequent hand washing and social distancing. Keeping in view the situation, it can be extremely unhygienic to use a soap dispenser manually. A touchless automatic soap dispenser can be a helpful and hygienic addition to your kitchen. It is not a preventive measure against the corona virus only, but rather any other bacteria and viruses.

Smart Instant Pot Wi-Fi

It is another important smart appliance that your home may need. Are you tired of constantly checking up on your pressure cooker every few minutes? Here is the answer to all your problems — smart instant pot with Wi-Fi. It lets you start and monitor cooking from your smartphone and also allows Google assistant integration. The smart pot allows you to put in it the ingredients and let it take care of the rest of the cooking. You can have wholesome and delicious home cooked meals without compromising on your time for other chores. It may be a little pricier than a traditional pressure cooker, but the smart features are worth the price.

2-Slice High Speed Smart Toaster

This is a revolutionary smart appliance in the world of technology. As unbelievable as it may sound, smart toasters do exist. The smart toaster is simple. It does not require any complicated processes or a tech savvy mind to get the crisp toast you want. The toaster is easy to set up and manage. The touch screen has easy and clear options. It will take care of all your breakfast cravings as it has multiple settings for frozen breads, muffins, bagels etc. The toaster also has a higher speed than a conventional toaster. This ensures that taste and moisture is intact when you have them.

Smart Wi-Fi Air Fryer

How cool it is to get a plate of crisp fries without any hassle? You can treat yourself to a delicious fried platter after you complete your day’s chores. While you complete the chores, you can set up the air fryer and let the air fryer adjust and monitor the progress of your meal. Smart air fryers cook better than a conventional oven. They ensure that the food remains tasty and fresh. Smart air fryers come with large and dishwasher safe trays, so you do not have to worry about keeping it clean. Smart air fryers are usually built keeping in mind safety and security. Smart air fryer take care of overheating, so you don’t end up burning your food when you are not keeping an eye. It also comes with numerous pre-programmed recipes, so you do not have to worry about deciding lunch and dinner menu for the day.

Smart Countertop Microwave Oven

A smart microwave oven is appealing to the eye, so you easily put it anywhere in your house without compromising on the aesthetics of your home décor. A smart microwave comes with built in Wi-Fi and works with a simple voice command if it is connected with Alexa or Google home. The controls are easy to understand. One-Touch cooking allows you to cook or reheat things by pressing only a button. Most of them come with scan to cook technology, which allows food to be cooked accurately and on time.

Smart Coffee Maker

Smart coffee maker can make your mornings better and brighter. You can control your coffee maker with just an app on your smart phone. It also comes with the auto shut-off feature to automatically control and turn the coffee maker off. It also comes with brew strength options for great-tasting coffee, such as auto pause & serve, drip free carafe, and front fill. Like many other smart devices, it is easy to set up and use. A smart coffee maker can be a useful addition to your smart kitchen.

In Conclusion

A smart kitchen can be extremely helpful and convenient. It consumes less time to cook and so spares time to spend quality time with your friends and family, productive hobbies, and daily chores, which require attention. So, upgrading your traditional kitchen to a smart kitchen is a wise choice.